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Women Talk Back! 

A Feminist Society at the

University of Bristol

The Feminist Student Society at the University of Bristol, Women Talk Back! provides a space for women to engage in lively discussion and debate. We are in pursuit of global liberation from all forms of patriarchy. We therefore centre all women who experience misogyny, but who may also face racism, anti-lesbianism, classism and other forms of structural discrimination that arise from male domination. 


Women Talk Back! are committed to the power of sisterhood and believe that it is only through an understanding of our similarities and differences that we can liberate ourselves from patriarchy.

We believe that dialogue with each other is the first step towards liberation from oppressive structures and practices. We welcome women from all backgrounds to join and take part in all aspects of the group. We aim to foster a culture of collective responsibility, care, and honesty with ourselves and one another.

Women Talk Back!

A Platform for Unruly Women

Living under the patriarchy presents women with a problem. We are frequently met with threats, abuse and violence - all in an attempt to prevent us from exposing the interrelated systems of power that attempt to constrain, dehumanise and punish us, for being born female.

Using the principles of feminist consciousness-raising, Women Talk Back! offers women across the globe the opportunity to speak out about the issues affecting them. Whilst not limited to a particular type of feminist thought, we believe that women must be able to speak and write publicly without the fear of violence or ostracization.

As feminist writer and activist bell hooks describes, the act of speech for the oppressed is the expression of movement from object to subject. From right-wing abortion laws to the destruction of indigenous land to the growing commercial sex trade, women are facing new and increasing dangers in a global patriarchal regime that threatens to erode our rights, appropriate our labour, and destroy our lives and the earth as we know it. Our collective liberation requires exercising our right to think, speak and act - critically, radically and compassionately.

Women Talk Back! does so whilst maintaining the belief that face to face interaction between women is the cornerstone of feminist theory and militancy. We encourage women to create feminist networks with other women in their local areas, as well as nationally and internationally. If you would like help with feminist community-building in your area, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Women Talk Back! A Platform for Unruly Women strives to:

  • Ask the difficult questions, even those which are not considered popular in mainstream or feminist circles.

  • Use the power of words to open up imaginations, cultivate the visionary in every woman, and present radical alternatives to racist, capitalist, imperialist patriarchy.

  • Uphold love, integrity and respect for oneself and one another in a woman-hating society.

  • Honour differences between women in the face of rising societal intolerance to difference.

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